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828,000,000 People, 10% Of Our Population Goes To Bed Hungry Every Night...

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

This year 2022, the Russia-Ukraine war has inflicted economic pain across borders. Supply chain interruptions gave way to exponentially rising cost of production, causing massive hikes in prices of general goods and services globally. Many factors have collectively and adversely affected production and prices of food in major parts of the world. There are 3 major reasons why food insecurity is growing and requires immediate attention and grounded solutions:

1) Extreme Climate Change conditions – drought, floods & erratic, unpredictable weather

2) War and Conflict – have had crippling consequences on farming and food production

3) Poor Public and Economic policies – major failures of government, diplomacy and lack of consideration for the underdeveloped world

About the Author: Ms. Nadira Haniff has over the years focused keenly on Finance & Capital Development for Projects that improve the quality of life of Humanity. With a relentless passion for Social equality, eradicating Food Insecurity, and overall socio-economic upliftment of communities, Mr. Haniff bears the torch and collaborates with the movers and shakers of the World to solve the pressing challenges of Climate Change.

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