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COP28 in Dubai (Conference of the Parties) has kicked off with much anticipation and a plethora of hopeful, sustainable solutions to combat climate change. 2023 is most likely to go down in the books as the hottest year on record. World leaders from 197 countries and the European Union gathered to work together, striving to keep the global temperature increase no more than 1.5 Celsius above the pre-industrial level and pushing for net-zero emissions by 2050. Our World is currently at 1.2C above this level. Read More Here

Our Countries, our Continents and our World are all interconnected. We live in a global community. Events taking place in one part of the World, many times have ripple effects which cascade across our planet, directly and indirectly affecting so many more. A rise in OPEC oil prices will affect you at the petrol pump. War wreaking havoc in Ukraine, is sending economic & humanitarian shockwaves across the Globe. A seemingly simple Virus has created the complexity of a Pandemic the likes of which we haven't seen in over 100 years. Richer countries responsible for a larger contribution of greenhouse gases is disproportionately and adversely affecting the underdeveloped, poorer Countries. Our Humanity defines us, and as a collective group we are all equally responsible for the World we live in.  

Across The Globe

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