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Jerald Asamoah - Africa Specialist & Client Relations

Mr. Asamoah is GreenWorld’s Team Lead for Africa. He’s a hands-on professional with expertise, and extensive experience in the areas of Marketing, Business Strategy and Business Development over the last 16 years. He has participated in key sectors of Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Mining and Humanitarian Projects.

His experience and expertise spans across the African market, Europe and North America. He is adept in the field of Strategic Marketing, Market Analysis and Business Development, for corporations as well as non-profit organisations in Ghana.

Mr. Asamoah participated on the financial advisory team securing over ten million USD 10M funding support from USA investors for a Ghanian mining company to start its mining operations and consistently produce. His skill of identifying and expanding market share has led to outstanding results in the Real Estate Sales sector where he worked with top Builders preselling over 200 housing and renting over hundred 100 units in the capital Accra in less than 6 months.

He teamed up with GreenWorld  in Ghana, on our first Solar Greenhouse Project with Global Eden Corp, preselling over 100 thousand (100,000) Metric Tonnes (MT) of tomatoes to a wide range of buyers including market queens from the major markets across Ghana. He is our key personnel on Business Development in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

On the humanitarian front, Mr. Asamoah has played a key role collaborating with health professionals from the University of Pennsylvania, USA  who perform free surgeries for some very complicated procedures in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. As GreenWorld moves forward with our ‘Hot Kitchens’ meals Project in Ghana, Mr. Asamoah has taken on the task of structuring this roll out so that we are able to identify and reach those communities which need this Program the most.


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