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Jose Angel - Latin America Specialist & Client Relations

Mr. Angel is GreenWorld’s Latin American, Business Development team lead. A seasoned professional with a background in quality control and distribution having held positions in Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, and Walt Disney Company. Mr. Angel transitioned into the vibrant realm of real estate in the USA. His career reflects a diverse skill set, complemented by a solid understanding of high-level private project finance and structured project financing.

Mr. Angel has developed an acute eye for detail, operational efficiency, strategic problem-solving and business opportunities. His tenure at industry leaders has instilled a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering top-tier results.

He has integrated his corporate experience with an in-depth knowledge of private project finance and structured financing. This unique fusion is particularly useful in Latin America as it allows GreenWorld to offer clients not just expertise in structuring their ideal Projects but also provides informed guidance in navigating complex financial aspects related to real estate and other sustainable development projects.

Mr. Angel is passionate about uplifting the lives, social and financial status of communities across Latin America and the World. This commitment is the driving force propelling excellence and dedication in our business development and social upliftment of those who need it the most.  


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