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Ian Nazir Brijmohan - Business Development - Canada Focus

With a multifaceted background in electronic systems market expansion, distribution, and strong sales expertise in the financial sector, Ian has forged a career focused on market development and wide distribution networks. His journey spans honing specialized skills in electronic systems, new emerging technologies in renewable energy while excelling in team building and sales training.

Within the new tech domain, Ian has led expansive distribution networks, fostering market expansion by implementing strategies which optimize sales and distribution channels. Simultaneously, Ian has brought a wealth of expertise from the financial sector, leveraging a focused sales approach to drive product distribution and revenue growth. This unique blend of skills has enabled him to fuse technical knowledge with strategic sales tactics, fostering dynamic teams capable of navigating both intricate technologies and complex financial solutions.

As he takes the lead on our Canadian Projects expansion and especially focused on our Seafood Sector, his well aligned skillset gives GreenWorld the winning edge in our quest to develop sustainable food sources which significantly reduce our carbon footprint.  

Ian’s career journey is marked by a dedication to bridging distribution gaps, coupled with a commitment to team empowerment through specialized training and inclusive leadership. This blend of expertise has not only expanded market footholds but also nurtured high-performing teams capable of navigating diverse sectors, ensuring consistent growth and market penetration.


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